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Integrated Microsystems for Biological and Medical Applications

报告题目:Integrated Microsystems for Biological and Medical Applications

报告时间:2021年7月8日 (周四) 8:30-10:00


报 告 人:刘新宇


In this talk, I will give an overview of the research activities in my Microfluidics and BioMEMS Laboratory (MBL) at the University of Toronto. With a unifying theme of Microsystems Engineering for Life Sciences, my MBL team investigates the design and fabrication of novel microfluidic devices and micro/soft robotic systems to address pressing problems in biology and medicine. Leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise in microdevices and robotics, our current research is along three strategic directions: i) paper-based microfluidics for disease diagnostics; ii) robotic micromanipulation of cells and small organisms; and iii) soft/flexible sensors and robotics. I will first present several designs of paper-based microfluidic biosensors and highlight their practical uses in rapid diagnosis of diseases such as HIV, hepatises, and COVID-19. Then, I will briefly showcase how we develop integrated robotic micromanipulation systems and apply them to basic biological studies. Finally, I will describe our recent work on developing hydrogel-based ionic skins with multimodal sensation and a worm-based living soft microrobot.

报告人简介:刘新宇,加拿大多伦多大学机械与工业工程系Percy Edward Hart 特聘教授,微流控与生物微机电系统实验室主任。2011~2017年间,在加拿大麦吉尔大学机械系先后担任助理教授和副教授,并任加拿大微流控与生物微机电系统领域研究主席。本科毕业于哈工大机械电子工程系,硕士毕业于哈工大机器人研究所,博士毕业于多伦多大学机械与工业工程系。2009~2011年间,在美国哈佛大学化学与化学生物系从事博士后研究。他的主要研究方向是微纳和软体机器人学、柔性电子器件、微流控器件与系统。他和他的团队在机器人和生医结合领域的国际期刊和国际会议上获得8项最佳论文奖。现任IEEE RA-L资深编辑(senior editor), IEEE T-ASE和T-NANO副编辑(associate editor),中国工程院院刊Engineering 客座编辑,2021年当选ASME Fellow。

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